Innovations at MNNIT during Covid-19 Pandemic

Innovations at MNNIT during Covid-19 Pandemic

Innovations at MNNIT during Covid-19 Pandemic

Innovations at MNNIT during Covid-19 Pandemic (Motilal Nehru National Institute of Technology, Allahabad) are contributing their part in the battle against the Corona virus.

A series of innovative products that this institute has produced during this pandemic times has really made this institution a unique contributor to this society.

Be it the viroshield, sterilobin, handsfree washbasin, duopower, or the viralyser all of these are low cost innovations which are doing their fight in this battle.

With that said, now let us see how these innovations are contributing to India’s fight against the Corona Virus.

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viro shield

Viro-Shield a low cost face shield, made up of a transparent sheet supported by an expanded polyethylene foam.

This shield designed to cover the complete face let them also breath conveniently. It comes in as one size fit for all built.

The Viro-Shield protects the frontline warriors. Be it the healthcare personnel or anyone. Due to this Viro-shield proves useful for those who are in hotspot zones.


viralyser 1-0

The Viralyser 1.0 a box shaped microorganism killer comes equipped with 2 UVC lamps with a wavelenght of 254nm.

The viralyser1.0 fitted with mirrored walls inside ensures every surface of the object placed inside gets irradiated uniformly.

This device can be used at home and offices as well. Not just during this pandemic but also after that.

These products were devoloped under the MHRD sponsored ‘Design Innovation center’ scheme.

The designers of these products are Dr.Sameer Srivastava, Dr. Ambak K. Rai, Dr. Ashutosh Mani, Dr. N.K. Singh and Prof. Shivesh Sharma from Department of Biotechnology at MNNIT, Allahabad.

These innovations at MNNIT during Covid-19 Pandemic will strengthen not just the frontline fighters but also everyone who is in need.

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Innovations at MNNIT during Covid-19 Pandemic at the Civil Engineering Department

The Civil Engineering Department of the institute designed three other inventions depicting their innovations at MNNIT during covid-19 pandemic.

Dr. V. P. Singh from the Dept. developed two different type sterilization tools StriloBin and DuoPower, and an electric power base hands free wash basin.



‘SteriloBin’ is a portable UV-C based sterilizing box. It was designed to kill a plethora of bacteria and viruses which are like to cover exterior of the objects that, we frequently come in contact in our homes and offices.

It is suitable to sanitize personal protection equipment.



‘DuoPower’ a portable sanitisation device designed especially for office use. This will sanitize papers, envelopes and files. Its sanitization process based on UV C light and/or heating.

Heating and UV reflector arranged for uniform heating and UV exposure on both surfaces of sanitizing paper It is auto feeding and suitable for sizes A3 and below.

Hands Free wash Basin

handsfree washbasin

Innovations at MNNIT during Covid-19 Pandemic include this Hands Free wash Basin is electric power based foot operated wash basin with soap dispenser. Pressing the pedal dispenses soap solution and press the switch on for water supply.

After washing hands one just pressing the same switch off to shut off the water supply. The hands free wash basin serves best on a large scale at any public place. Like schools/colleges, offices, hospitals, hostels, canteens etc.